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What is Species Rich Turf?

It is a sustainable alternative to the standard monoculture lawn we have all grown used to.  In fact, it harks back to the more informal look of lawns in the days before the over-use of pesticides.  Our Species Rich Turf is made up 80% fine leaved grasses, chosen for their slow growth and attractive appearance characteristics and 20% pollinator friendly native plants.

Species Rich Turf is ideal for creating a relaxed, biodiverse green carpet which helps nature and can free you from the tyranny of the weekly mowing regime.  It is pretty, bee and butterfly friendly, easy to care for and hard wearing.  It can be used in gardens, on public open spaces and within swales used as water drainage channels.

It can help boost nature in your garden and help new homes hit BREEAM standards of built excellence with an environmental net gain.

Species Rich Turf should not be confused with conventional wildflower turf.  It is intended to be mown occasionally and is certainly not a highly colourful wildflower meadow.  It is however great for wildlife and humans alike.  It can be characterised as a more buttercups and daisies lawn than a prairie scape.

  • Self heal
  • Small scabious
  • Devil’s bit scabious
  • Flax
  • Red clover
  • Red campion
  • Knapweed
  • Ox eye daisy
  • Bladder campion
  • Viper’s bugloss
  • Cowslip
  • Cornflower
  • Buttercup
  • Musk mallow
  • Ribwort plantain

This is an 80% grass mix with the above making up the remaining 20% wildflower element.

What is no Mow May? – A Great Excuse to put away the Mower




How do I Lay a Species Rich Lawn? As per Rysport


Your Species Rich Turf lawn can be treated in much the same way as a conventional lawn, but for best results raise the cutting blades to 3 inches (75mm) mow less frequently and remove the arisings.

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Our flagship Rysport turf is grown on the fertile soil of the Romney Marsh, using seed selected from the Sports Turf Research Institute’s list of highly rated cultivars.

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Grasslands topsoil is Ideal for you to use all around the garden not just for under new lawns, it can be incorporated into your raised beds, vegetable plots and herbaceous borders.

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