Turf Laying Guide

If the ground is dry, dampen thoroughly before laying the turf and do not walk on the prepared surface. Begin laying next to a straight edge such as a path or patio. Place the rolls end to end, ensure that the turf is not stretched but butted tightly against the pieces already laid. Pieces at the end of a straight line that are too long can be cut and placed at the start of the next line. The pattern of the turf should start to look like brickwork. While laying the turf, walk on boards so that the new turf will not be damaged. When the lawn is in place, firm the new turf down by rolling it lightly or by tamping with a flat board nailed to a wooden pole. Ensure that the new lawn area is moist and watered well. 

Establishing the Lawn

Final edge shaping should not be done until the lawn is established. There should be no cracks between the turves at the stage. 

Do not allow the new lawn to dry out. Water in the early morning and/or the evening when necessary. Ensure that the turf and the top 25mm of soil remain moist so that the new roots will quickly grow. When the lawn is well established, do not water so often in dry weather, but encourage the grass to grow deep, strong roots. Too much water too often, will encourage shallow, weak roots and can encourage weeds, especially annual meadow grass. 

First Steps in Maintenance 

Once the roots have knitted into the soil and the grass is growing well, the lawn may be trimmed lightly with the mower. It should not be trimmed too short in the first season, but mowing heights will vary according to the type of turf. Most garden lawns should not be trimmed shorter than 25mm in the first season. 

Buy Turf

Our flagship Rysport turf is grown on the fertile soil of the Romney Marsh, using seed selected from the Sports Turf Research Institute’s list of highly rated cultivars.

Buy Topsoil

Grasslands topsoil is Ideal for you to use all around the garden not just for under new lawns, it can be incorporated into your raised beds, vegetable plots and herbaceous borders.

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