Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I only need a few rolls of turf. Where can I buy them?

Grasslands Turf is stocked at garden centres across the South East. Please click here for a full list

Q: I want to lay a new lawn. What is the best time of year to do this?

Grasslands Turf is harvested all year round so it can be laid at any time. However, if you lay turf in the cold winter months, it will establish more slowly. The warmer months are therefore better as turf will root faster; be aware that it will need watering in the warmer months.

Q: I have seen some weeds appearing in my lawn. What can I do about them?

Your local garden centre will have a good selection of “weed and feed” products available. We do not recommend using a “weed and feed” solution during a newly turfed lawn’s first season (or on new lawns grown from seed). Always follow the instructions carefully.

Q: Part of my lawn is in heavy shade. How can I keep grass growing there?

Grass does not like heavy shade, and grows tall and thin in lighter shade. It will help to cut the shaded grass longer (but just as frequently) than grass that lies in full sun. You can also help the shaded grass by feeding it more regularly. Unfortunately, in the worst areas, the only real solution is to re-turf or reseed regularly or find an alternative to natural grass.

Q: How often should I feed my lawn to keep it looking good?

A feed with a suitable spring lawn fertiliser to boost nature’s own ‘spring effect’ is advisable. You might wish to follow this with a further half dose in the summer. An autumn feed could also be beneficial and will bolster the strength of the plants through the winter. Please be sure to apply the correct formula at the right time of year and follow the instructions carefully.

Q: Should I water the lawn in the dry summer months?

With hosepipe bans a regular occurrence, particularly in the South, you will be pleased to learn that a well-established lawn should survive a hot summer. However, in extreme conditions and if permitted by your local water board, make sure enough water is applied. This should not be done very often but be sure to let the water really soak into the roots; shallow watering will very likely lead to other problems as only the shallow roots will benefit.

Q: I have just laid a new lawn. For how long must I keep off it?

It is important to keep off your new lawn where possible for the first few weeks. If you do have to walk on it, tread carefully wearing flat shoes. Take care not to create any dents as they will remain there. Obviously you will have to walk on it in order to mow it and it is very important not to let it grow too long before it has a trim – so tread carefully!

Q: When should I mow my new lawn?

This will depend on the season. In cold months, your new lawn might not need mowing until spring. In warmer months, it might need a trim after 2-3 weeks. Do not mow new turf too short in its first season; it is advisable to let it really establish and then lower the blade little by little.

Q: What kind of mower is best for my lawn?

If you want stripes, you need a mower with a roller. Always ensure that the blades are sharp and set properly. Many people prefer a cylinder mower for a quality finish; this is particularly important for sports facilities, for example.

When it comes to mowers, as with many things in life, you do get what you pay for; in our experience, cheap electric mowers do not do as good a job as mowers that are more expensive. Life is like that!

Q: Can I mow the lawn during the winter months?

The grass will grow much more slowly in the winter, but a trim to keep it tidy is fine. Don’t cut it too low and only mow when the grass is dry. Do not mow when there is frost on the grass.

Q: Why does my neighbour’s lawn always look better than mine? He never seems to do much to it!

A: You need to be very lucky to have a super lawn with no effort at all! The more effort you put into it (provided you are doing the right things of course) the better it will look. Usually, a regular weekly trim, an occasional feed and a bit of TLC should be enough to keep your lawn looking pretty good!

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Our flagship Rysport turf is grown on the fertile soil of the Romney Marsh, using seed selected from the Sports Turf Research Institute’s list of highly rated cultivars.

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