Lawn Laying Preparation Guide


Ensure the site is well drained and that the surface debris such as loose stones, weeds and old turf have been removed. As your lawn will ideally need 6 cm – 15 cm of good soil, rotovate or dig to a depth of 10cm – 12cm. After breaking down any lumps, firm and level the soil by treading or rolling the surface if dry enough and then raking it. This should be repeated until the ground is level, smooth and evenly consolidated, but not compacted. Before laying the turf, rake into the soil approximately 28g of bonemeal or general purpose compost fertilizer per square meter. 


Turf should be ordered at least 3 or 4 days in advance of laying. It is advisable to order a little extra to allow for cutting, shaping and mismeasurement. The turf should be laid the day it arrives on site. Do not order the turf until preparation is complete in case the weather changes for the worse and prevents completion. 

Buy Turf

Our flagship Rysport turf is grown on the fertile soil of the Romney Marsh, using seed selected from the Sports Turf Research Institute’s list of highly rated cultivars.

Buy Topsoil

Grasslands topsoil is Ideal for you to use all around the garden not just for under new lawns, it can be incorporated into your raised beds, vegetable plots and herbaceous borders.

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