It’s not a man-made blend of vegetable washings, sand, sawdust and composted materials as so many product on the market today are.

How well does your garden grow?

Grasslands Top - SoilGrasslands topsoil is Ideal for you to use all around the garden not just for under new lawns, it can be incorporated into your raised beds, vegetable plots and herbaceous borders. Sold in builders “tonne bags” Grasslands topsoil will arrive on a pallet and be off-loaded at the kerbside using our on board forklifts. Our drivers will assess your access and ground conditions and will endeavour to place the pallet/s with the topsoil in an accessible & convenient area.

If you are using Grasslands topsoil to improve your soil levels prior to laying our Rysport turf. Please view the topsoil calculator on our shopping page, this will help you to decide the quantity of topsoil you will need for your area of new lawn.