A Community Event, Revitalising Community Spirit

The New Romney Country Fayre is held annually on St Martin’s Field and the Fairfield Road Recreation Ground in New Romney in the centre of the town. It is the largest free event on Romney Marsh, attracting over 7000 residents and visitors from all over the south-east of England. The volunteer committee was originally set up in 1994 with the first Fayre taking place the following year.

Since 1994, the Fayre has grown into a huge attraction and has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for local organisations and charities who take part in the event.

The Country Fayre brings the whole community together and is all about promoting traditional family fun. It has become an event that the whole town can be proud of.

Buy Turf

Our flagship Rysport turf is grown on the fertile soil of the Romney Marsh, using seed selected from the Sports Turf Research Institute’s list of highly rated cultivars.

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Grasslands topsoil is Ideal for you to use all around the garden not just for under new lawns, it can be incorporated into your raised beds, vegetable plots and herbaceous borders.

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